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Tips for buying sarees online

By Ruchi Garg, 10/25/2015 - 16:05
Tips for buying sarees online

Let's face it everyone is buying stuff online these days for all the good reasons. The bargains are there, the selection is mind-boggling, the shopping is secure, you can order from the privacy of your home, no need to spend energy in going from one shop to another. Shopping has never been more convenient for the consumers.

It used to be that if you are told that this is a Silk saree, one could generally take that to be true. Over time, the price of natural fiber like Silk, Wool, Cotton, Linen etc. has risen considerably. In order to stay competitive and low price leaders, the market is now full of half-truths and outright misrepresentations.

If you search the Internet for tips to buy online, you will find plenty of articles, which will tell you to make sure that the site is encrypted, not to use public computer to make a purchase, use credit card not debit card, save the order copy etc. There is no doubt that this is very important, but if you search for tips on how to judge the product you are buying, there are very few resources.

Once Again is all about occasional wear high end sarees and we want to make sure all your special events are perfect. So, we are going to share a few secrets for purchasing sarees online:

  1. Read: Product description at the site is very important. If there are missing details, like the word “Pure”, “Mixed”, or “Faux”, one can safely assume it is artificial or synthetic. Placing an order entirely on the basis of pictures and price is a big mistake.
  2. Pictures: Next, one must examine all the pictures carefully. If someone is listing only one picture or does not show the design of the work, it is a red flag. Additionally make use of the Zoom functionality on the pictures to check the quality of the fabric, the work, the craftsmanship etc. Often, you can see the fine work of the artist using this technique and that has a big impact on the ultimate cost.
  3. Color: One image can be really deceptive when trying to judge the color. There are some colors which are really difficult to capture. So if you see multiple pictures of the same piece and there is a difference in the color please call and confirm which the actual color is.
  4. Price: It important to use our own judgment on price. If there is no clarity on price such as why is this Silk saree going for “ONLY” Rs. 1,000.00, you are better off by not ordering it. You don't need someone defending it later on by saying that it is “Poly Silk” or it is “Silk Finish” or it is “Silk Design”. Today, the sellers can be very creative with words. Use your own judgment and if it does not feel right, it perhaps is not right.
  5. Length and Width: Size of the saree is a very important factor that we often forget to check. When we buy a dress, we look at the size but when we buy a saree, we forget to check the length and the width and sometimes we get duped. Any length below 5 meters may not be wearable for a normal saree drape. Shorter people may get by with 5 meters. Check your existing sarees and see what minimum width will work for you. As a rule of thumb a 5 feet 3 inches tall woman needs at least 1 meter wide saree.
  6. Weight of the saree is something that we never think about till the time we actually experience it. Believe me or not it plays a very important role. A saree heavier than 2 kg may limit your ability to move or dance freely. However it may be ok if you are wearing it at a formal occasion where you need to have that heavy look.
  7. Fabric: As mentioned above, we all know about the kind of duplicate fabrics available in the market today and it’s ok to buy duplicate fabric but make sure that you are not misled into making the decision. Don’t be fooled when a site sells a nice looking Georgette saree for Rs. 1000. It’s a great bargain but know that it will not be Pure Georgette.

Most sites these days don’t give you all this information but don’t be deterred by that. If you like something online, call them or send them an email. Be alert and be safe when buying sarees online this festive season.