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Occasional Sarees, a terrible thing to waste

By Ruchi Garg, 09/19/2015 - 11:01
Occasional Sarees, a terrible thing to waste

Occasional Sarees, a terrible thing to waste after a couple of wear

Occasional sarees are a priced possession of any Indian woman’s wardrobe. These sarees are embellished with expensive art work that can cost us a fortune depending on the fabric and the work and the designer.

We spend so much of money on buying the best saree designs available in the market and then after wearing once or twice, we store them away. Overtime, the fabric deteriorates depending on the storage environment and a lot of times when we open it back, we are shocked to see that the saree is permanently ruined.

I don’t know about you but I have lost several of my sarees when some simple tips could have saved them. I am sharing what I learnt the hard way so that you don’t have to. Follow these simple tips and keep your sarees looking good for a long time:

  1. First and foremost, wear it very carefully. Wear weather appropriate saree, a silk saree in a hot weather may leave sweat stains on the saree unless you are mostly in an air-conditioned space. Use utmost caution when pinning up your saree, as stress on the pinned area may cause fabric to stretch. Avoid pallu sweeping the floor. Make sure your footwear bling does not entangle in the threads of your saree. Avoid makeup rubbing off on your saree. Last but not the least please don’t sleep in these sarees. Phew!
  2. After a wear, make it a habit to spread and check the saree thoroughly. Clean the stains with mild detergent or lime juice mixed in cold water immediately. Do not postpone the cleaning after a couple more wears because ironing over a stain, will make it permanent.
  3. If the stain is not going away, get it dry-cleaned as soon as possible. Leaving stains for a long time makes them permanent. If the stain is over the zari, it may rust.
  4. If you are storing away your saree for a long time, wrap it in a clean white muslin cloth or butter paper so that it is protected from dust and still has the breathing space.
  5. To prevent moths, keep some dry neem leaves in a muslin bag near the sarees. You can also use Odonil. Naphthalene balls in a muslin bag are also good but they have a strong smell and your sarees might start smelling like them. Do not starch the saree before storing it away. Starch is food for moths and the likes.
  6. Show them some sun at least once a year so that that they are dry and the ultraviolet light in sun’s light destroys the bugs. Change the folds while putting them back.

These tips will definitely increase the life of your sarees.  However, no matter what you do, they will still degrade over time. The zari will tarnish, the fabric will become weak, they will go out of fashion and then you won’t want to wear them. It will become a total waste.

So don’t wait for that moment. Give it away to your cousins, nieces, friends or aunts while they are still good. Be careful though, sometimes, people feel offended when a used piece of garment is offered to them. I suppose if you know them well and feel very close to them, gracefully offer the treasure.

If you are hesitant or if you are unsure of how they might feel or react, then make a good use of the service at Once Again. You will get some cash and someone else will be able to enjoy it while it still looks good. You can use this cash to buy another saree that you have been putting off. Or could use this extra cash to support a charity. You may even find a treasure listed on Once Again that catches your fancy. The possibilities are endless.

Make sense? Send us an email at info@onceaga.in or call us at +91 886-007-7960 if you are interested in selling off your lightly worn occasional sarees. We think that occasional sarees are a terrible thing to waste after a couple of wears.