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About Us


Who We Are


Once Again is a full service recommerce platform for lightly used high end occasional clothes, offering complete anonymity to the buyers and the sellers.


Our mission is to unlock the value of occasional wear clothes lying unused in the closets of people.


Our Mission


Why sell pre-owned clothes


We encourage selling pre-owned clothes because our closets are overflowing with the clothes we love but don't wear. Because if we don't unlock these clothes, they will eventually end up into the landfills. Because we all feel a tad bit guilty in buying more new clothes, when we already have so many clothes in our closets.


People, who wish to wear different clothes on every occasion and are environmentally responsible, will buy these. Items at Once Again are exceptional value, often at less than 50% of their estimated worth, when new. These were handpicked to wear just for few hours for a special occasion by people like you. For example, a designer saree worth 20K may become a steal at Once Again for just 8k.


Who will buy them


What do you sell at Once Again


Expect to find lightly worn party/special occasion Sarees, Lehengas and brand new Designer Blouses for now.


We all wear pre-owned clothes within our own families. The assurance that it is clean and cared for by the family, makes it easy. Today, when we purchase a new saree, it may have been tried by 50 different people before it landed in your shopping basket. That new saree you just bought is technically not "clean". Every single used item that is sold through us goes through a professional cleaning before it is shipped to you.


I feel strange in buying used clothes


I have never bought used clothes before


Buying used clothes is less common because it is a newer concept. We buy previously used houses, used cars, used motorcycles, used mobiles because they have a lot of residual life and it's good value for money. Remember, every single Once Again item goes through a professional cleaning before it is shipped to you, so there is nothing to worry.


If you give your clothes to your maids, we applaud your generous streak and urge you to keep doing it. However, many of your party wear and special occasion clothes may be a total misfit for your maids. You may be able to give more smiles by converting those clothes into cash and let them use the cash to buy something they really need. Ask yourself, what will be more useful to the maids - a saree worth 10k or 4k in cash?


Giving clothes to maids is my way of doing charity

The Team


Ruchi Garg

Ruchi Garg, the CEO, brings in 20 years of technology & ecommerce experience. Prior to Once Again she worked at LinkedIn Gurgaon. Before that she worked in US for 15 years in various SaaS companies as Product Manager. Ruchi has a B. Tech degree from IIT Roorkee.
A typical woman at heart, Ruchi loves to shop and hunt for the bargains. She has a passion for keeping the traditions alive and in that spirit, she writes a couple of blogs in her free time: www.ezpzcooking.com and www.gargfamily.net.


Anil Garg

Anil Garg, the CSO, is an entrepreneur at heart and thrives in being associated with innovation & transformation. Prior to Once Again, Anil has led many organizations globally. Most recently, he was the Managing Director of Lumata, a leader in mobile technologies. Before that, Anil was the General Manager at Satmetrix and headed their India operations. In 1999, Anil founded AristaSoft, which was among the earliest players in cloud computing. He also headed the Global sourcing at AT&T Wireless. Anil advises several successful technology start-ups and serves actively on the Board of several private companies.

In his free time, he enjoys gardening and being close to nature. Anil has a B.
Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology (Varanasi, India) and lives in New Delhi, India.